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Our Projects

Advance Solar

Glenroy Community Hub

The Glenroy community hub project has installed a total of 561 solar panels and 5 Tesla powerwall batteries, generating a whopping 252.45kw in solar energy to power the building and charge the combined 67.5kwh storage system.

It has allowed this passive-designed building to achieve a negative energy impact where it generates more energy than it consumes, and the excess energy is fed back into the utility grid.
It was a pleasure to have delivered such a large component of this project, and making this building stand out as one of the largest energy efficient buildings in Melbourne.

merri-bek city council

St Germain – Toorak

Located in the Heart of Toorak is a brand new eight-story building completed by Maxcon, which houses 11 offices and a new Coles centre.
This site has a requirement of minimum 50kw solar system, making this a difficult task due to limitations imposed by the allocated roof space, angles, and directions.
However, with our industrial expertise, we were able to achieve this by using high wattage Jinko panels coupled with SolarEdge’s optimizers.
We are very pleased with how this project has all come together, and proud to have successfully delivered on yet another project for Maxcon by our team.


Valbruna Australia

Albruna is a long-time client of ours, who we have completed a number of electrical and solar systems for in the past.
Its Victorian factory has grown tremendously over time, and with that so has its demand for power.
Upon looking into the power consumption, we have determined that an additional 50kw solar system was needed to meet the demand.
For the Month of January 2023, the Valburna Factory was 81% self-sufficient with 70% of the generated solar power being exported to the utility grid which brings the January bill to a net of $0.


611 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Advance Solar: We have recently completed a 75kw PV solar system for Probuild/PDG.

The system was installed on a purpose built steel beam skeleton structure, over the mechanical equipment on the rooftop.

The idea was for the solar panels to act as the roof shelter to protect the equipment from the weather elements.

The system consists of 240 x 330w Jinko solar modules which are controlled by SolarEdge optimizers, with the central heart of the system being the 82.8kw SolarEdge inverter.

The installation was quite challenging but very successful, and we thank the Design Team, Engineering and Installers for all their hard work to deliver this project.

Partnering companies and client

“I wanted to thank you and Dean for the smooth, efficient and speedy job done from the time that we first contacted you to the final part of the installation. Your communication was prompt and the site (our house) was left entirely free of work materials. Apart from the solar panels, you would not have known that anyone had been here. And the panels actually cannot be seen from the front of the house. We are very appreciative of a job well done and thank you once again.”
Vermont, Victoria
“I have recently had Joel from Advance Solar install a 6kw system. After discussing my concerns of shading moving during the day (living in Dandenong), Joel suggested optimisers for each panel, giving a monitoring, reading and fault identification system of all panels. I also used a Storedge Inverter which is battery ready (for future). I found through this process Joel was very helpful and informative of any concerns and questions I had. Installation was then carried out by one of his permanent staff. Dean was a very professional tradesman who answered any queries through the installation process. All in all I could not recommend Joel and Advance Solar highly enough to anyone wishing to install a solar system.”
Upwey, Victoria
“Advance Solar installed a 35kw system for Ideal Stainless (steel fabrication company). Having a monthly power bill of $3,000 plus, their bill has now decreased by over 70% with one summer bill giving the company a credit. Ausnet have allowed an export of 15kw allowing the factory to export / sell produced energy to the grid.”
Ideal Stainless
“Advance Solar recently completed a 30kw system on the Maintenance Shed to feed the entire site. This system will allow the loads of the buggy charging, the daily pumps which feed the sprinklers and water systems and importantly the large club house which holds conferences on a daily basis. The site will be mainly self-consumption with Powercor allowing full export. Therefore, any additional produced power can be sold to the grid.”
Kew Golf Club