Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Advance Solar can design and install high-performance commercial solar panels for Melbourne businesses of all kinds. We will provide a fully customised system tailored to your individual power needs, including a detailed manual and performance estimates on the system we install.

For friendly service with an affordable, high-quality product that lasts, look no further than Advance Solar.

What Are the Benefits?

By installing commercial solar panels, Melbourne businesses can take advantage of a whole variety of benefits. These include:

  • Cost savings – A commercial solar panel system saves electricity, which in turn reduces your overhead costs. This will allow for a greater budget in other more important areas of your business.
  • Environmentally friendly – As they reduce green house gas emissions and pollution, you will be able to advertise yourself as a green, energy-efficient company, giving you the potential to attract new customers.
  • Maintenance-free – Once installed, our panels require only a small amount of maintenance each year to ensure that are in optimal working order.
  • Energy independence – Having solar panels installed at your place of business means you’ll have an independent source of energy that is always reliable.
  • Rebates – Installing commercial solar panels in Melbourne may make you eligible for government rebates.
  • Backup solution – Excess energy generated will be stored in your system, allowing you to use the stored energy as a backup battery to power your business at night or on overcast days.

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