5kW Solar System: Price & Product Details

Advance solar pic 17Advance Solar offers custom design and installation of 5kW solar panel Melbourne-wide for homes and businesses. The system includes 20 x 260W panels installed with a 5kW inverter, and requires 33m2 of roof space for installation. 5kW solar panels will generate approximately 20kWh per day, which is 4kWh over the average Australian home’s daily consumption.

When it comes to a 5kW solar system, price should be only one of your considerations. Other factors in your decision should include product performance, the quality of its materials and manufacturing, its eligibility for government rebates, its ability to give you economic payback, and its warranty.

The Benefits

By installing a 5kW solar system, Melbourne customers can take advantage of benefits including:

  • The use of clean and renewable energy
  • A reduced carbon footprint
  • Savings on power bills – plus protection from future electricity price hikes
  • An added selling point for your home

Advance Solar offers impressive warranties on our products, including:

  • 25 years on panel performance
  • 5 years on inverter performance
  • 10 years on workmanship

We also offer face-to-face consultations and quotes on our 5kW solar panel for Melbourne customers. Give us a call on 0422 088 144 to get started.

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