2kW Solar Panel System

Advance Solar installs 2kW solar panel in Melbourne for homes and businesses wanting great value on a high-performance system.

Advance solar pic 7The 2kW solar system is a good choice for Melbourne residential properties that are largely unoccupied during the day on weekdays, as it will generate enough energy to offset your daily usage without letting too much go back into the grid. This is especially beneficial in cases where the feed-in tariff is not particularly generous, as it makes more financial sense to use the electricity you produce rather than buying it back from the grid.

A 2kW solar panel system consists of 8 x 260W panels and a 2kW/3kW inverter, with 13m2 of available roof space required to be installed. It will generate approximately 8kWh per day, which makes up about half of an average Australian home’s electricity usage.

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Advance Solar can offer face-to-face consultations for your 2kW solar panel, Melbourne wide. All you have to do is contact us to arrange a visit, and we will discuss your property’s requirements so we can provide you with a quote on the best system for your needs.

Our 2kW solar systems are backed by impressive warranties, including:

  • 25 years on solar panel performance
  • 5 years on inverter performance
  • 10 years on workmanship

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