10kW Solar System: Price & Product Details

Advance solar pic 13If you have a sizeable roof – and an energy consumption to match – you may want to consider 10kW solar panels. Melbourne businesses with relatively small electricity usage may also favour this option.

The biggest on the residential market, the 10kW solar system price includes 40 x 260W panels, uses a 10kW inverter, and will need 66m2 of available roof space. It will generate approximately 40kWh per day, which is more than enough to power an average Australian household – and probably more than enough to power two or three!

Advance Solar can supply and install our 10kW solar panel Melbourne-wide. As fully accredited solar installers, our high-quality systems are backed by a 25-year warranty on panel performance, a 5-year warranty on inverter performance, and a 10-year warranty on workmanship.

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As with any system, the 10kW solar system price will eventually start to pay for itself after a certain period. The time this takes will depend on several factors, including how much you get paid for exported electricity.

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